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POPS, Inc files lawsuit

on September 24 against the City of San Diego & Cisterra Development

after City Council caved to special interests 

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Cisterra Development asked the City of San Diego to change zoning from agricultural to industrial on an 11-acre site surrounded on three sides by Del Mar Mesa Preserve to allow a 450,000 square foot office complex, including 4, 5, & 6 story buildings and a 7 story parking structure. The rezone would permit up to 13 story buildings. The approved project is 430,000 square feet with a 6 story parking structure one level underground.

The 900-acre Del Mar Mesa Preserve lies on the east end of Del Mar Mesa, west of Rancho Penasquitos & south of Torrey Highlands. It is protected under the city's Multiple Species Conservation Plan. Parts of the Preserve are under State, City and Federal jurisdiction. Home to dozens of endangered and threatened species of plants and animals, some unique to San Diego, the Preserve is also home to many vernal pool complexes. The Preserve is connected to Los Penasquitos Canyon and serves as a critical animal migration corridor for the City and County.


A popular recreational destination for equestrians, trail bike riders, hikers and naturalists, the City Parks Department developed a Resource Management Plan to designate compatible trails in consultation with community, environmental and recreational user groups that was enacted by the San Diego City Council.

ALERT: Preserve now open but observe distancing, wear a mask & avoid vernal pools

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“Any change to the Torrey Highlands Sub Area IV Community Plan requires a vote of the people.  This plan was approved by a Vote of the People and it must be amended by a Vote of the People,” said Bob Glaser, President of Protect Our Preserve, Inc.

CITY COUNCIL SECOND READING: September 10, 10:00am

The City Council has the Cisterra Project on its consent agenda. POPs will argue they made a decision without obtaining a City Attorney opinion that a change in the zoning requires a vote of the people, and allowed a windfall profit for one developer at the cost of the public.

NEXT HEARING August 5, 2:00pm: City Council. The One That Counts

The San Diego City Council will make the decision whether to certify the Environmental Impact Report and whether to approve the project. POPs has submitted our objections to the EIR and believes it should be recirculated. The project should not be approved.

Great turn-out from the Community, & Environmental and Recreational organizations. 

"The EIR does not provide the information required by CEQA and therefore fails as an information disclosure document. The EIR must be revised and recirculated. Also, the EIR does not substantiate any community benefit or substantial public need required by CEQA and caselaw to justify the requested upzone and community plan amendment. On this basis, the proposal must be denied." Protect Our Preserves, San Diego.

Exec Summary of POPs Letter to Planning Commission


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